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Property Optimisation
Evaluation Matrix

A revolutionary approach to realising your property portfolio potential.


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POEM Applications

  • Provision of independent, evidence-based information for Council decision making
  • Consideration of retention, development and disposal options
  • Determination of value propositions to maximise revenue and minimise expenditure 
  • Assessment of acquisition opportunities
  • Evaluation of development proposals
  • Integration of information into funding applications, business cases and CBAs
  • Informing and prioritising asset management through financial and strategic planning
  • Utilisation of information for master planning

Potential General Rate Rise Savings

Developed in Australia by NAJA Business Consulting Services, the Property Optimisation Evaluation Matrix (POEM) tool and methodology is a revolutionary product; collating, analysing and presenting extensive datasets relating to a specified property portfolio asset base. The uniqueness of the POEM approach is the integration of all sources of data into a “one-stop shop” decision-making tool.

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The POEM methodology includes ranking and weighting of up to 100 attributes such as asset condition, heritage, site contamination, environment, drainage, accessibility and public sentiment when compared against its value proposition. The matrix approach provides a multi criteria assessment of Net Present Values to assist in decision-making scenarios of business as usual, development or disposal. It also has the capability of assessing potential land acquisitions or development proposals against existing property portfolios or other options.

POEM Property Investment Results


NAJA Business Consulting Services provides a high level Property Portfolio report which can be used as independent evidence-based backing for Local Government’s, organisation’s or individual’s decision making.  

It includes  findings and recommendations associated with each property and high level precinct/theme analyses of an entire portfolio, if appropriate.  All valuation documents and extensive planning reports are provided as appendices.

Portfolio Property Recommendations

POEM Property Investment Results

Experienced Team Making Tailor-Made solutions

With extensive experience in land administration and tenure, town planning, environment, water, Crown land, property leasing, asset management and regional development, NAJA has the experience, knowledge and skills to deliver a quality product on time and within your budget. 

Whether it is 1, 20 or 50+ key strategic properties, precincts or a range of existing or potential assets, NAJA will tailor a portfolio review to suit your community and Council needs and aspirations. 

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